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Pocket Gamer is seeking legal recourse after inviting Simon Miller of The Miller Report to judge at the Gamescom Big Indie Pitch.

The Big Indie Pitch is an event Pocket Gamer takes around the world to give indies the chance to get their games into the hands of journalists, publishers, and developers for advice and general feedback.

While Big Indie Pitches are usually a highlight for mobile and handheld developers, many were left in a state of shock after being subjected to Miller's line of questioning.

Miller's advice as a judge has already lead one indie into bankruptcy after taking on an ill-advised licensing strategy, while a small group of VR devs have been hospitalised after severe panic attacks.

Miller was removed from the event after one distraught developer attempted to exit the venue hastily via a plate glass window. Fortunately, the event was taking place on the ground floor and the ER team were on standby.

We can only apologise to all the developers involved for the emotional trauma that ensued, even though our legal team has stated this may be perceived as admitting our guilt for inviting Miller in the first place.