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The Guides is a series of single screen puzzles, each one unique, often based around recognising patterns and cracking codes.

It's also tough. Deliberately so, too, as the developers themselves - a pair called Luke Lisi and Kevin Bradford - will tell you. This isn't a game which congratulates you for managing to turn your phone on.

No, The Guides is more interested in whether you can spell your name backwards in binary and perform feats of verbal reasoning while standing on one ear and juggling encyclopedias with your nostrils.

Okay, so the nostril stuff isn't strictly true (though I'm sure the game would applaud the effort). If you want to see real example of the puzzles, check out our video at the top of the page.

And, if your interest is piqued, The Guides is coming to iOS and Android on August 17th, so you can nab it then.