Operation Dracula is a game from another era.

Its blistering, colourful, hyperactive visuals and authentically thrusting synthesiser soundtrack will transport you so completely to the amusement arcades of your youth that you'll find yourself checking the treads of your trainers for squashed chips.

I don't think I liked it quite as much as Harry, possibly because I'm not as good at games. The chunky enemies and their crowds of big fat missiles meant that I spent each life being rapidly erased by the swarming ordinance.

There are bullet hell-style patterns to weave through from time to time, but even these moments of poise tend to be disrupted by sudden, shocking, barely avoidable pastings by flame or laser that comes out of nowhere.

But, irrespective of how skilful you are or how much punishment you like your games to dish out, if you ever visited an amusement arcade in your youth you need to play Operation Dracula.

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