We all know by now that Rovio has launched Angry Birds 2 on iOS and Android. It reached a million downloads in the first 12 hours so we're pretty sure you all know.

But what do you think of it? We gave it a Bronze Award due to it being a lot of fun but marked it down for parts of it that are less fun. Namely, the energy mechanic that makes you wait between sessions (unless you want to pay up) is a drag.

This change in Angry Bird's monetisation system in the sequel is a subject touched upon in PocketGamer.biz's interview with the general manager of Rovio Stockholm, Oskar Burman.

When asked if he thinks the energy system alienates some players, Burman replied by saying that players liked it during its soft-launch in Canada.

"Since we have such a massive audience, there's always going to be people who don't think it’s the game for them.

"But we're going to keep supporting all the Angry Birds classics for years to come, so if you prefer our other games you can keep playing them instead."

If you don't like the energy system, then, it seems that Rovio's response is to play the other games. To be fair, there are how many of them - 13?

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Burman also spoke about Angry Birds 2 being the first game in the series to launch on Android (alongside iOS).

"We wanted to be on both platforms because we wanted to maximise the most players in the game – maybe that means we’ll expand to other platforms in the future, who knows?" Burman teased.

"In technical terms, obviously it’s a challenge to get the game running on all sorts of Android devices is a challenge – we had to do a lot of QA," he added.

But hey, Rovio, is worth it. Right? All you Android players are enjoying the game and not feeling left out as is often the case, I'm sure.

Burman also spoke about deepening the world of Angry Birds in the sequel, making an Angry Birds game that fits 2015, and getting that slingshot mechanic right.

Check out the full interview over at PocketGamer.biz.

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