Square Enix has announced that its Monster Hunter-like action-RPG Final Fantasy Explorers will be heading west in January 2016 on 3DS.

More precisely, it'll be out on January 26th in North American an on January 29th in Europe.

Final Fantasy Explorers focuses on co-operative play with online friends. You take on huge monsters together and try to hunt down the Grand Crystal in a world where crystals are the main power source.

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You're able to play as one of 20 different classes, including Knight, Monk, Black Mage, and White Mage. You can also summon spirits like Ifrit and Bahamut to help you out.

Plus, the game has a Trance system that lets you transform into classic Final Fantasy characters. And yes, that includes Cloud Strife, if you must know.

While Final Fantasy Explorers is multiplayer-focused it does still let you play it in single player.

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