Neutronized has announced its upcoming iOS adventure Asterism with an impressive trailer.

It's a game that primarily takes place in 2D but to get through its levels you'll have to navigate them in 3D. It seems that the central puzzle mechanic is similar to the one in Fez.

The story goes that scientists are experimenting with star patterns to see if they can communicate with parallel dimensions.

This leads to an unexpected danger as it enables aliens from another dimension to appear in our own through black holes. They end up interrupting the lives of Jin and his best friend Coy.

In fact, Coy is kidnapped by the aliens and taken to their dimension for no apparent reason.

The scientists then discover that due to Jin's connection to Coy, he's the only person able to travel between the dimensions. And so he sets out to close the black holes and save Coy.

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While the game has a metroidvania layout (semi-open world) it does have levels. These are found inside the black holes and this is where you'll be able to transition to 3D.

But it's not all straight level solving. "Along his journey Jin will make new friends and talk to many NPCs with the option of playing minigames and solving sub quests," reveals Neutronized.

Another feature of note is that in-game time in Asterism will change according to your local time and so it has a full day and night cycle.

Neutronized says that Asterism is a game about exploration, love, and the stars. It has been made "with the intent of letting players breathe some fresh air and enjoy a new game experience."

There's not yet any release date for Asterism but we know it'll be coming to iOS.