To-Fu Fury continues Amazon's assault on the mobile market. It's an intriguing physics puzzling platformer that's about pinging a lump of bean curd around a series of increasingly challenging levels.

It's bright and breezy, and apart from a few niggles the controls work pretty darn well on touchscreens.

It might not spark with originality, but this is a highly polished and eminently entertaining lump of gaming that offers enough challenge and replayability that it's hard to turn your nose up at it.


There are three ways to move through the game. Dragging up on your tofu chunk in the direction you want it to ping, pulling back and aiming with it Angry Birds-style, or pushing two fingers to the left or right of the curd to shuffle him in that direction.

Each level is made up of a number of challenges. Getting to the end alive is one of them. Then there are glowing blobs of Chi to collect, and a time limit and a move limit to beat as well. Getting all of them in your first go is damn tough.

You stick to most walls, but as you play new obstacles are thrown at you. There are slippy jade walls, bounce plates you'll ricochet off, spikes that kill you, and moving platforms that mess up your aim.

Later in the game you'll need to fight off ninja assailants. There's a Sonic-style health system that sees Chi spewing out of you when you get hit. Holding a shot for longer charges it up, but you need to pick your timing and keep out of the way of the leaping hordes.


The levels are short enough that you can complete a good swathe of them in a single sitting. There are challenges to unlock and tackle as well, and a reasonably interesting story to plough your way through.

This is another dependable lump of mobile gaming from Amazon, and while it isn't quite up there with the best on the App Store, it's still got enough going for it that you should give it a try.