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If you like your puzzle games fast-paced and minimalist, then you might want to check out Squares, which has launched for Vita on the US PlayStation Store.

The basic premise is that you have to turn all the squares from blue to grey, either by tapping, swiping, or shaking the controller.

The kicker is that you've got a miniscule time limit, and some squares only pop into existence after the rest have been dealt with, so it's not always clear what's coming up.

There's 80-odd levels to work through and a level creator to play with, just in case you want to create your own sadistic puzzles to annoy your friends.

It came second in our Big Indie Pitch GDC a few months back, so it's safe to say that we rather like the game.

It looks to be a US exclusive for now, but we'll let you know if that changes. US Vita owners, however, can find out more about Squares on the PlayStation Store.
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