Upppercut Games (Epoch series) has delayed the mobile version of its upcoming 3D adventure-platformer Submerged in order to ensure it meets a high quality.

The studio said that it strives for its games to have optimal performance and controls on every single platform that they're released on.

And as the PC and console versions were developed in parity due to their similar system specs and control schemes, the mobile version needs more work.

Hence the game will arrive on PC and consoles first while the mobile version will take a little longer - an effort to ensure the mobile version isn't considered lesser.

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"Our time will be spent on designing a 3rd person control scheme that feels right for touch screens, and pushing the limits on mobile graphically," Uppercut writes.

Submerged has you playing as a young girl in a flooded world as she searches ruins for a way to patch up her wounded brother.

You can find out more about the game in our hands-on preview.

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