Celsius Studios has been working on its ambitious space sim Drifter for nearly four years. But now the team is making a big push in what it is declaring "The Year of Drifter."

Quite simply, the idea is to celebrate the run up to the game hitting its 1.0 version. The team is hoping to reach that point before the end of year.

Yes, that means, with any luck, Drifter will be out on PC, PS Vita, and iOS either late this year or early next year.

As part of this celebratory period, Celsius will be trying out some new things, such as live streaming and feature polls.

It's also started selling Drifter posters at $25 a pop with free shipping. The money made from these will go towards the development of the game.

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Will you be joining in with the celebrations? Perhaps you don't know what Drifter is. In that case, check out our hands-on preview with the game.

In short, it's a single player space exploration and trading sim with a randomly generated universe to explore. However, everyone shares the same universe so you can tell each other of your discoveries.
If you have a PC then Drifter is currently on Steam Early Access if you want to try it out right now.

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