You probably don't know Japanese studio Onion Games because it still hasn't released the bonkers-looking iOS game Million Onion Hotel.

Even so, it's comprised of people who have worked on No More Heroes, Super Mario RPG, Lollipop Chainsaw, and Harvest Moon. Quite the pedigree.

Despite the fact that the team is still working on Million Onion Hotel, the studio has announced another game, a smartphone RPG in fact.

It's called Brave Yamada-kun (Brave Mr. Yamada) and is about a 36-year-old Japanese salaryman who makes games during his spare time after work.

It seems Mr. Yamada isn't too fond of his job and so he makes this game to put himself inside a fantasy world where he can be the hero.

He also puts his boss inside this fantasy world as an evil mage with an army of monsters while the woman he fancies is turned into a princess.

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It seems that you experience both sides of Mr. Yamada's after work life. First, him actually working on the game. Secondly, playing the game (inside the game) itself.

It seems that it's a dungeon crawler in which you draw paths for Mr. Yamada to reach the goal in each level. The catch is that you have to ensure he takes the minimal amount of damage, kills monsters, and collects loot.

And there seems to be a lot of loot to collect, including upgrades and outfits. You'll see it all scrolling past in the trailer.

That's all we know about Brave Yamada-kun right now. So keep an eye on its website for more updates.