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Sam Barlow, creator of the Gold Award-winning Her Story, has revealed that sales of the game are split 60/40 between PC and mobile.

Speaking to God is a Geek, Barlow said he didn't want to "put all my eggs in the Steam basket, in the gamer basket, or put all my eggs in the mobile basket."

He explained that "in my mind Steam is people who are informed about these things, read gaming websites, know about what's coming up."

"Whereas App Store, well here's a chance to reach people that maybe never have ever read a gaming website."

To that end, Barlow felt that "it was definitely the right decision for me to make, because there was a whole chunk of the audience I would be leaving behind."

We're glad the game came out on iOS, since we loved it. Our reviewer called it "one of the best detective games ever made."

It might also make the leap to Android, though there's no guarantee. But if the current figures are anything to go by, it could be a prudent move for Barlow.

If you've not yet picked up the game, why the heck not? You can go grab it for £3.99 / $4.99 from the App Store.