Each week, we ask members of our App Army and ask for their feedback on the latest and greatest releases on mobile. One top pick this week was Bread Team's dark yet cutesy puzzler Divide By Sheep.

Let's see what our App Army had to say...

I'm really enjoying Divide By Sheep. It took me a moment to work out I had to send a certain amount of sheep to the rafts, but the artwork is cute, and I love puzzle games, so i can see myself playing this for a good while.

I've been looking forward to this game for quite a while, and I must say it met my expectations. I'm really into math-games from time to time, and Divide By Sheep is a great mathematical game. The art style looks gorgeous and the levels are challenging enough to hold my attention.

The game also has a kid-friendly mode, which when enabled gets rid of all the bloody mess when you cut sheep in half. I think Divide By Sheep is a great way to get kids enthusiastic about maths, even though the difficulty may be a little too much for children.

If you're searching for a great math game, or just want to kill some sheep, Divide By Sheep is the game you're looking for. Baaaaah!

I do enjoy games that don't bother with long tutorials or even basic instructions; just good old-fashioned intuitive gameplay is all that is required to get you going. This is a pretty good little puzzler.

I'm not sure about later levels but after 15 levels I'm finding that the trial and error approach to solving each puzzle works quite well. If at first glance you aren't sure which way to go, just try different combinations and eventually you'll find the right one.

I love Divide By Sheep. It's cute, yet has a great dark comedic side to it that makes me smile every time I complete a level. Not everyone likes math games, but to say that this is just a mathematical game isn't totally true.

Sure, a lot of it is dividing, subtracting, and adding. But that's just the main part. There's a good story to it, and interesting obstacles to work around (wolves, lasers, fences, and more).

You're not always going to save the right number of sheep or wolves that the goal's set at. That's okay though! Trying out different routes gives it all the more reason to come back to later and look for a different path to take.

I think this game should be played by 3-starring each level as it makes it more difficult. I've taken more than 10 minutes to complete some levels! Love this game.

I for one am surprised that there's no hint system in place. I'm about to start on world two now, but the game is really good. The puzzles are getting tougher the further I get, but in a nice, gentle, progressive way.

It's still early days, but much like my fellow App Army troops, I'm really enjoying Divide By Sheep. Quite a lot actually!

tinyBuild's latest has got a hell of a lot going for it. Having tutorials cut out is flipping awesome! There are some real head-scratchers here if you love puzzlers too.

Divide By Sheep features what I like to call "The ABC of Great Game Design:" Adorable art, Bonkers story, and Charming animation.

I'm only half an hour in, but I'm really close to "doing a chanandler" and attaining three-star perfection in Green World. Nearly there, buddy!

This is one of those games that you just have to get the 3-stars per level before you can move on to the next one. That's definitely the sign of a great game.

I really like Divide By Sheep - it's so cute and funny! It does require some thinking though, as my super complicated swipe around without thinking tactic didn't work this time.

It forces you to concentrate, and the world unlocking system is very well balanced, which makes the game challenging in an enjoyable way.

I don't know which audience the game targeted at though. It seems like a title for children, but I'm pretty sure that this is too difficult most kids.

Just completed the second lot, they took an awful lot longer. Some real mind twisters in there.

What I like about this game is if you get stuck, just stick with it and eventually you'll figure it out. It's a very well thought out puzzler. Now for the third set of levels.

I really like the art style in Divide By Sheep. The way Bread Team has used all these characters is brilliant. The puzzles are easy to begin with, but eventually they become really tough.

You won't bore easily. You just need to understand all your moves before you begin beating levels.

One thing I don't understand is why it's called Divide By Sheep. There are a lot of other animals in the game, so why only sheep? Seems strange to me.

This unique gem of a puzzler is baa-rilliant! Its new puzzle mechanic creates some seriously tough brain-twisters.

With a charming art style throughout and music that earwormed its way into my head all day, I thoroughly recommend ewe give it a go.

The perfect commuting game to dip in and out of. You'll get stuck a lot, but completing each level feels very rewarding.

The difficulty gets ramped right up in the third world. I find it takes a while to go through each level now.

I'm still quite enjoying the challenge though - always satisfying when you 3-star a level!

The artwork is fantastic. I think I'm addicted .

Haha, yeah... I know what you mean. I keep finding myself muttering at the start of each level 'Need to kill three, save one, kill five' just to get my brain into gear to try to figure out what to move around.

The third world is really racking my brain. Took me a while to get them all. One world left. This last lot could tip me over the edge!

This game is driving me bonkers... in a really good way. It's been ages since I've come across a puzzler that really is a puzzle to complete!

The aim of the game is to jump your sheep across platforms in shark infested water to place a specified number of sheep in the boats. That may sound easy, but it's not!

These levels are so challenging it's addictive. Also as soon as you think you've cracked it, more features are added to each level like wolves that eat your sheep, or lasers that cut your sheep in two.

It's really had me scratching my head at times trying to find each solution. The only thing I would say is I'd love a hint button! It's a great little game that I think I'll be playing for a fair while.

You're totally right Chase... I feel compelled to 3-star every level in a way I don't with most puzzle games!

Same here Aaron. Fewer than 3-stars simply won't do!

I'm not usually a big puzzle game fan but I think Divide By Sheep is challenging and very moreish. It gently ramps the difficulty so you get sucked in.

The graphics are gorgeous and the cut scene images really work well. I may not complete the game, but it's a great time waster for me!

I'm almost finished, it's just the last level that's causing me real trouble. Just can't seem to get that third star. I think the devs have put in a near-impossible one as the finale.

In any case, this is a fantastic game and one of the few puzzle games I have played that has kept me coming back until I beat it. There's a diverse range of levels, each with different rules and actions, and all of them are brilliant.

One thing I would like to see is an "undo last action" button. That would have saved me lots of time when I made a mistake and had to go through the whole level again.

Regardless, this is an exceptionally polished and fun game. Highly recommended.

Divide By Sheep is a really fun puzzle game that gets those brain gears whirring after a few levels. I really love the art style of the game, as well as the cute sheep animations as they hop from one platform to another.

Bread Team has really put a lot of thought and polish in to this game, making it worthy of its above-average price tag. If you're into puzzle games, this is one of the best I've seen in a while, so I would recommend trying it out.

Gosh darn it, why can't I figure out the last level!? Is it possible that the level can't be completed? A cruel trick by the developers!?

I give up, the last level is impossible. I have tried every combination possible and can't get any better result than the one above.

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