Heads up, Impossible Road is on sale right now for iOS. That's a good 'un, that one. Yes ma'am.

You can grab it for just 79p / 99c instead of the slightly higher price of £1.49 / $1.99. No sale on the Android version, mind - this is for iOS players only.

Impossible Road appeared two years ago during the chaos of a post-Super Hexagon world. Everyone was trying to cash in on the frenzy that surrounded that game's superb arcade dodging.

And, among all that noise, Impossible Road emerged above them all and proved mighty compelling. It has you steering a ball down a twisted track that's suspended in a white void.

This track is a bugger. It weaves downwards in huge spirals, forever and ever. And your white ball, which blends in with the background to make it extra tricky, picks up speed far quicker than you'd want it to.

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The trick is to have it jump down parts of the track in order to increase your score quicker. But the catch is trying to land on the track from such a great height and then control the bounce enough to pass through a checkpoint (if you don't then you don't collect the points).

Trying to master that chaotic descent is this game's addictive factor. If you haven't tried it yet then maybe you should.

We gave Impossible Road a Silver Award in our review. And we deemed it "habit-forming gaming at its finest. Visually arresting, refreshingly unique, and perfect for leaderboard battles."

See? It's good. You can grab it right now for its sale price on the App Store. Android players you still have to pay the full price over on Google Play.

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