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Crossy Road has just received a huge new update, which adds a bunch of content from Korea - including Gangnam Style singer Psy, a plate of kimchi, and a taekwondo master.

And, as ever, there's a new secret character to unlock. You just need to know how to get it.

The new character is a pro gamer, referencing the immense popularity of eSports in Korea. And to get him (or her), you'll first need to buy or unlock a Korean character. We used kimchi, but it should work for any of them.

The goal is to get a score of around 90 to 150, while maintaining a really fast input speed. That means you need to avoid waiting around, need to take more risks, and must generally hammer the screen whenever you see a clear path.

You'll see how this all works when you unlock the pro gamer, who actually shows you your APM (actions per minute) on screen.

It's a really hard one to get because it requires risky play, and also a high score. So even CR veterans will need a good few goes to get this one. But keep at it and you'll soon get a cool new character for your roster.

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