Some games are full of subtlety and nuance. Panzerkampf 3 isn't one of them.

It plonks you behind the barrel of a bloody great big tank, dumps you on a sparse battlefield full of loads of other bloody great big tanks, and has you blow each other to pieces.

Initially, the game eases you in. As your tank trundles about, enemies teleport in, one by one. Since they're clearly piloted by buffoons, they're easily outmanoeuvred and blasted into shards that fly all over the place.

You can then congratulate yourself on a job well done, before promptly running over a mine, and recognising that your very own tank is also piloted by an idiot.


One swift check of the radar later and, yes, it turns out you can avoid those pesky mines - and figure out where enemy tanks are in relation to your current position - if you pay attention to where you're going. The tiny snag is that very rapidly becomes rather difficult.

Soon, tanks are dropping on to the battlefield like extremely heavy, dangerous and tank-shaped hailstones, some of which happen to be deadly ‘heavy sixers' with smarter AI and superior weaponry.

Then ER-3 'Bushnell' droids enter the fray, sprinting about the place and spewing laser fire as if they're attempting to manage a particularly vicious and out of control garden hose. A garden hose that happens to emit lasery death.


You get some help to survive in the shape of extra shields, temporary rapid-fire, and nukes that unhelpfully vaporise you if you happen to be caught in the blast area.

Mostly, though, arcade smarts and quick reactions are the way to stave off inevitable death.

(An exception is when facing the demented time-attack Rage mode, which strips you of shields, and gives you an occasional five-second bonus for something. I could never stay alive for long enough to figure out what.)

Old hands will notice hints of iOS classic Vector Tanks Extreme and arcade pioneer Battlezone in Panzerkampf 3.

And, indeed, the creator of the former and co-designer of the latter are listed in the credits.

But beyond a somewhat similar visual style and being about tanks getting all shooty, Panzerkampf 3 has little to do with the 1980 Atari game, in the same way you wouldn't argue Espgaluda II is the same as Xevious.

Instead, this is a thoroughly modern slice of 3D blasting, with pitch-perfect racer-like tilt controls - a high-octane and exhilarating mobile title that will leave you breathless.