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Flappy Bird gave flying in games a bad rep. Instead of associating virtual flapping and soaring through the air with joy it became a monotonous chore.

This is why we probably need PixWing. Its latest trailer does a good job of reminding us how fun and exhilarating the act of flying can and should be.

Give it a watch above and expect a burst of energy from its wonderful, retro throwback music.

But also, did you see what else is on display? All the different types of creature and vehicle that you can fly.

OK, it seems there's only one creature: a dragon. But, hold on, flying a dragon is nothing to scoff at.

Then there's also the Red Baron, as we've seen before, as well as other planes, a rocket, and a flying car. Quite the selection.

And it's still sporting that lovely cartoon look. Yep, PixWing should be quite the blast when it arrives on iOS later this year. Can't wait.