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We've already been hands-on with the main sim-focused mode of SBK15.

But in this video we show you the Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation mode that Digital Tales has included.

It's a nice little addition, and free extra content, so take a peek at our preview above and let us know if you're excited to get to grips with it, in the comments.
Update: Stefano Petrullo, Renaissance PR got in touch to say "we would like to apologise - we unfortunately provided AppSpy with the wrong version of SBK 2015 Official Mobile Game for preview, which contains elements that are not present in the retail version, and quality that is not representative of the final product. This has been a genuinely human error from our side during the code distribution for which we apologise to AppSpy, their readership, and our fans. We are of course committed to delivering the best possible experience to our fans. We are already excited for the results of the Windows Mobile Version of the game and we are looking forward to the release of the iOS and Android version the 24th of June"