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Papercraft platformer Tearaway is one of the best PS Vita games but in September it'll get a PS4 version called Tearaway Unfolded. With it comes a companion app.

The companion app should be available to download on any smartphone or tablet. It lets you join in on the PS4 adventure as as second player, however, you won't appear in the game directly.

Instead, whenever the other player comes across one of the game's many creative challenges, you can join in.

You'll have access to your own cutting mat where you can make new drawings, fabric designs, and accessories for the game's world and creatures.
Tearaway Unfolded

Once it's finished, you just take a picture or swipe it directly in the game, and it will appear on the television. Pretty neat.

It hasn't been made clear exactly how the companion app will link with the PS4 version yet. Presumably it will be over the Wi-Fi connection and should be pretty simple.

In any case, you'll be able to find out when Tearaway Unfolded and its companion app comes out this September.