Tiny Dangerous Dungeons is a retro-style platformer from Adventure Island Games.

It earned a Silver Award in our review, which called it "surprisingly fresh."

Now it seems its developer is ready to go back and freshen up the game that came before Tiny Dangerous Dungeons.

It's just called Dangerous Dungeons and it'll be out on iOS and Android in a few months, according to Touch Arcade.

This new game, despite being based on an older one, isn't as faithfully retro looking like Tiny Dangerous Dungeons.

Whereas that one went all out with the green-tinted Gameboy graphics, Dangerous Dungeons is full-color and a bit more "polished up."

A couple tweaks, like new physics and an easier difficulty setting, all optimized for mobile of course, are also in the works.

It'll have new music as well, from the same composer as the original.

Look out for it when it comes to iOS and Android soon.

Thanks, Touch Arcade.

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