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Oculus presented three games during its pre-E3 press conference earlier today, all headed to the upcoming Oculus Rift VR.

We all knew about EVE Valkyrie, the space combat game from the creators of EVE Online.

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Also shown off was Chronos from Gunfire Games, a third-person RPG where players control an aging protagonist as he returns, year after year, to an ancient labyrinth.

The maze opens just once a year, so if he doesn't pass the test, he must return a year later.

This aging mechanic factors into the way you play your character, meaning when he's young you might rely more on strength, but when he's older it'll be magic and sheer wit that helps you most.

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Insomniac Games also showed off Edge of Nowhere, an icy horror game set somewhere with lots of snow and Lovecraftian creatures.

No release dates for any of the games were revealed, but the Oculus Rift itself is coming in Q1 2016.