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Like Don't Starve and Cut the Rope, You Must Build A Boat is the latest entry in a line of games that tell you exactly what to do in their title.

It's also the new game from EightyEight Games, who brought us the brilliant and horribly addictive match-three RPG 1000000. It's the sequel to that game, and it's got similar art, and similar tile-matching battles.

But you now have a boat, and you must build it. And also staff it with crew members and monsters you've defeated, to create an imposing super ship that will carry you to the depths of hell.

You Must Build A Boat

The game's also packed with visual upgrades to make those attacks feel good, and approximately ten million new features.

We'll have a full review tomorrow, but if it's anything like its predecessor it should be a good'un. You Must Build A Boat will cost £2.29 / $2.99 when it hits the App Store.

The game will hit Android and Steam tomorrow, too, says main man Luca Redwood.

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