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This weekend, Nintendo held a Direct broadcast in Japan with some new announcements. Today, Nintendo of America and Europe have clarified what that means for gamers in the English-speaking world.

Here's everything we know:

Bravely Second End Layer


Epic Square Enix RPG Bravely Default is getting a sequel in Europe and the US in 2016. It's got a new storyline, set long after the events of the previous game, with a new main character called Yew. Insert hilarious "Who, me?" joke here.

Little Battlers eXperience

This is a battle bot-building game where you use more than 4,000 bits to build the ultimate robot. Up to six players can connect via local wireless to battle in this anime spin-off. It's out Q3 2015 in Europe, August 21st in the US.

Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash

Chibi Robo

Cult classic Game Cube hero Chibi-Robo is getting a side-scrolling action game. He'll use his plug to whip enemies, and solve puzzles. Even better, that brilliant Chibi-Robo Amiibo is coming out in America in and Europe. Awesome.

US gamers get Zip Lash in October.

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure

Dr Mario

This one's coming to Nintendo eShop on June 11th in both Europe and US. It's classic Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi gameplay, with a new item that activates various game-changing powers.

Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

This roguelike, which features 720 different critters from the massive Pokemon universe, will hit the 3DS in early 2016 in Europe, and in "Winter" in the US.

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games


And yes, this one is also launching outside of Japan. Sonic and Mario put aside their differences to play football? Golf is exclusive to the 3DS version, but rugby is only on Wii U.

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