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NIS America has finally given us a European release date for roguelike adventure Etrian Mystery Dungeon on 3DS.

It'll be out as both a physical and digital game September 11th 2015.

So, yeah, there's still quite some time to wait yet. Etrian Mystery Dungeon was already released in Japan on March 5th and in North America on April 7th.

Accompanying this announcement, a new trailer was released and you can watch that above.

If you didn't know, Etrian Mystery Dungeon is a crossover of Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon series.

It gives you randomly generated dungeons with increasingly difficult monsters to beat in turn-based battles that emphasize the use of strategic positioning.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

You can customise your party of up to four members with familiar Etrian Odyssey classes, such as Landsknecht and Runemaster. You can also customise individuals using Etrian-style skill trees

Of course, you don't just enter these dungeons to fight, as you're after loot and money too. Collecting it helps towards upgrading your characters with unique abilities.