LOOT Interactive is now an indie game publisher. And for its first decree it'll be bringing the surreal isometric puzzler Back to Bed to PS Vita.

You may remember this odd little number as we did review the mobile version. Yep, we did. However, the touchscreen controls let it down for our reviewer.

However, the PS Vita version should use the d-pad, meaning that qualm would be obsolete. In other words, Back to Bed should be right at home on the PS Vita.

That's what we're hoping, at least.

If you need a refresher, it has you steering a sleepwalking man called Bob through a number of skewed dreamlike levels, back to his bed.

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You play as his subconscious, called Subob, and must rearrange objects and walk up walls to guide Bob.

The visuals here are the main attraction, at least initially, as they look like a surrealist artist's sketchbook come to life.

LOOT Interactive will be taking Back to Bed to E3 this year. And it should be out on PS Vita later this summer.

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