At last, Magma Fortress has given us all a reason to die in the demon-filled halls of Hoplite once again (if you stopped playing it at all, that is).

A new update has been rolled out that adds a new Challenge Mode. It's intended for players who have mastered the original game, so be warned.

It comes in a couple of different flavours. Either, you can try to beat the daily challenge and go up against other players in the leaderboards.

Basically, it throws you into the thick of it with a randomised set of upgrades. It could all be over in a move or two, but if your strategic thinking is on the ball you may survive for longer.


The other option in Challenge Mode is to play predetermined challenges that are delivered in two difficulty levels.

To help you along, here's a few tips from the game's creator:

"The aim is not to kill all the demons. You can use them to shield or block for you if you keep them alive.

  • Archers can't shoot through other demons.
  • Demonitionists won't throw bombs into tiles adjacent to other demons.
  • Wizards won't shoot if their beam would hit a demon behind you."

For more tips check out this blog post. And if you haven't bought Hoplite yet then perhaps you need to read our review to convince you.

We gave it a Gold Award, with our reviewer saying it's an "incredible, ever-changing blend of dungeon-crawling and tactical puzzles."

You can download Hoplite for free on Google Play. It's £2.29 / $2.99 to purchase on the App Store.

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