HandCircus will be bringing its Bronze Award-winning ocean-faring adventure Seabeard to Android on May 14th. You are allowed to get excited.

Not only that, but all the improvements that the game has seen since it was released on iOS have made it into the Android version.

HandCircus said that with the updates "there is now a ton more to do and the economy is more fairly balanced."

Which means, Android players, what while you may have been kept waiting, ultimately, you get a better game from the start.

If you don't know, Seabeard is about gathering a crew, jumping on a boat, and visiting islands to collect items and complete quests.

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Our reviewer said that it's a "light-hearted adventure that nearly hits Nintendo-style heights, but never quite manages to get there."

It's free to download on the App Store so it should be free when it hits Android next week too.

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