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At first glance, Spacecom looks like a very simple strategy game.

There are just three different unit types, everything is drawn with geometric shapes, there are no tech trees to climb, and battles are often done and dusted in about half an hour.

It's almost as simple as number-crunching territories game Galco. You're conquering nearby planets and extending your intergalactic reach until you can overwhelm your opponent's base.

But you'll soon find that there's way more to it than just trading numbers.

That's no moon…

There are different planet types - some that make ships, others that repair them, and ones that generate resources. And there are different ways to defend your colony, including kinetic shields and troops on the ground.

Plus you can destroy planets so no one gets to use them, your ships move faster on territory you own, and you can steal resources as they zip around the map. There's a lot to juggle.

Luckily, the game teaches you everything slowly in a light campaign that will last you a few hours. Then, you'll be ready to jump into the main event - randomised skirmishes and online duels with up to six commanders on the same map.

Triangular warfare

The game's simple graphics and controls work well on mobile, but they're not without issue.

Representing the different units as slightly different triangles can make them hard to distinguish. And units won't turn around mid-way between planets - annoying if you make a strategic mishap, infuriating if you make an errant tap.

But, small issues aside, Spacecom gets a lot out of its simple set-up, and offers a impressive amount of depth for a game with just three units.

Those with a taste for 4X sci-fi epics might still find it a tad lacking, but if you're looking for something between, say, Sins of Solar Empire and Galcon, Spacecom offers a happy middle ground.