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It's a new month, which means it's time for some more Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC. This time, the focus is on Street Fighter and Mega Man gear for your Palicos, and some sweet Samus armour for you.

The video above shows off what else this DLC brings, including new quests, and more gear. The weirdly adorable Blanka Palico gear definitely wins for me. And Dante gear for your Palico teased for the next DLC? I might melt from the cuteness.

The DLC itself is free, as has been the case with the other DLC, but you'll have to earn it in-game by hunting certain monsters under different conditions. But it has to be worth it for that arm cannon.

If you don't own Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, why not? Our reviewer gave it a Gold Award, calling it "the most finely tuned multiplayer game on the 3DS yet." If you've got a 3DS you should probably have this game.

Be sure to check the official blog post for full details on the new additions.