In case you had forgotten (which would be fitting), Psychoz Interactive said that its horror-adventure Forgotten Memories would be out on iOS today. And yes, it is, you can grab it right now.

We've even reviewed it already. See, right here. It got a Bronze Award.

Our reviewer said that it's a "well put-together tribute to survival horror games of yesteryear." However, it's held back by "some underdeveloped mechanics."

Forgotten Memories has you playing as Rose Hawkins as she searches for a missing girl inside an abandoned asylum.

She wakes up there wounded, unknowing how she got in this decrepit place, and has to feel out its dark corners. You weave through mannequins, hunt for keys, and solve puzzles.

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You can purchase Forgotten Memories for £3.99 / $4.99 on the App Store.

If you're iffy about it, just read our review like you should have already.