Wrassling is bonkers. But it's bonkers in the very best way. A flailing, thick-pixel maelstrom of nonsense and challenges, it's almost impossible to play without a smile on your face.

And while it might be silly, there's something compulsive about its arm-swinging version of wrestling that'll make you tap that retry button over and over again.

Chuck him

The game is decidedly retro in its presentation. Blocky pugilists tumble into the ring, and it's up to you to toss them out as efficiently as possibly. Which is often not very efficiently at all.

You've got five buttons. Two move you left and right, another one lets you jump. The others swing your arms about in opposite directions. You need to use a combination of these skills to heft fighters over the ropes.

The physics engine is probably your biggest foe here. Fighters bob and wobble around the screen, spring into the air and then flop back down, and you'll spend a good chunk of your time teetering close to the edge of oblivion.

And that's more than half of the fun. Sometimes you'll accidentally pull off a recognisable wrestling move, and then you'll end up in a five-deep pile in the middle of the ring swinging your arms madly in order to try and hurl everyone off.

But for all the madness, there's actually a solid game here. It takes a little getting used to, but it is possible to figure out ways to win. They might not work all the time, but you can get some semblance of control if you pay attention.

Spinning pile-driver?

Wrassling isn't the one-hit-wonder it appears to be at first then. There's some clunky meat on these clunky bones, and gnawing it off is as entertaining as accidentally flipping yourself 40 feet into the air and disappearing off the screen.

Throw in some challenges and a swathe of collectible hats, and you're left with a game that bounces around like a kid on a sugar high and occasionally hits like the very best steroid-addled pugilists.