Seek looks beautiful, which is why it's a shame that we missed it when it came out on Android last year.

It's a first-person exploration game that has you playing as a child as they explore a colourful forgotten island, searching for their friends.

According to the game's description, the idea is for your phone or tablet screen to act as a literal window into this world. The gyroscope and accelerometer are used to navigate.

The island itself comprises a sandy beach with a raised boardwalk, mystic rocks in its fields, and has a striking purple star-lit sky resting above it.

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Looking at it, it's not surprising to find out that Seek has won a number of awards. This includes the Artistic Achievement award at Dare ProtoPlay and being picked as TIGA's Student Game of 2014.

More recently, Seek bagged the BAFTA Scotland New Talent prize.

Following that success, its creators are now looking to bring Seek to iOS on May 7th. It'll be available to download and play for free.

But if you're on Android, then of course you can already grab it on Google Play. Why wait to get lost in that gorgeous world?