Glitch Games has released a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming mystery adventure game Forever Lost: Episode 3.

As we know after interviewing Glitch Games last year, Episode 3 will be the final entry in the Forever Lost series, so savour that anticipation while you still can.

Of course, as with the other two games, it features a range of different puzzles to solve. The trailer shows off ones involving weighing scales, audio devices, pachinko, and more.

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As to the story in this final episode, we were previously told in our interview with the creators the following:

"Jason will be forced to fully explore who he is, who has done this to him, and why. But he may not like what he finds."

It should hopefully tie up all the loose knots and odd ends that the previous episodes touched upon, then.

Forever Lost: Episode 3 will be out for iOS and Android this spring.