Rewind: One Last Chance is a bit of an outlier in mobile gaming.

It's a story-driven game, but not just that, one that touches on religion, one's love for their family, and questions if we can be forgiven for our past.

You play as Commander Kole Zamon, a man we're told has been captured by those he terrorized, and is now on trial for his crimes against humanity.

But, it seems that Zamon is no textbook villain. "His love for his daughter is tested. His loyalties are challenged. His religious beliefs are called into question," reads the game's description.

This terrible man is human, has a family, and has a past. And it's your role in this narrative is to investigate Zamon's personal history.

You do this by exploring rooms, and solving word and number puzzles. You analyse, decode, decrypt, and gather clues.

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It all sounds very interesting. Unfortunately, Rewind's visuals don't live up to the promise of its mystery. A glance at the trailer or screenshots shows a lot of empty, bland spaces.

Whether this can be overlooked for the game's story and puzzles is yet to be seen. We should hopefully have a review of it soon.

In the meantime, if you're willing to take risk, you can purchase Rewind: One Last Chance for £2.99 / $3.99 on the App Store and the Amazon App Store.

The Google Play version will be up soon once some issues have been solved with it.