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Charming sneak 'em up Hitman GO is celebrating its first year on mobile with a flash sale on both iOS and Android.

This game turns the murdery exploits of bald bloke Agent 47 into an adorable tabletop board game. Part puzzler, part roguelike, this game cleverly mimics the thrills of a stealth game in a mobile-friendly format.

In our Silver Award review we said "Hitman GO is a smart and satisfying puzzle game, with loads of content and plenty of variation," but warned that it will be "too sedate for some. And too simple for others".

You can grab Hitman GO for 79p / 99c on the iOS App Store, or Android via Google Play.

The team's follow up game Hitman Sniper was soft-launched last year, but has since been removed from the Canadian App Store. Square Enix Montreal says, however, "Working on it. We promise to announce something soon".

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