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Lost Within - a horror game from the guys behind Prey and the first iOS port by Amazon Game Studios - is now available on the App Store.

In this game you'll try to survive in a haunted asylum that is inhabited by monsters and murderers who stalk the abandoned wards.

You can tackle these nightmarish beasts in a few different ways. You can create makeshift weapons and fight, or you can try to sneak past the baddies, or you can just run and hide in a cupboard like a big baby.

It's pretty spooky, and looks dashing too as you can see in Peter's hands-on video with the game, above. If it sounds good to you, and you can't wait for our review, Lost Within is yours for £4.99 / $6.99.

Lost Within

More high profile games from Amazon are on their way, including WayForward's Til Morning's Light, physics puzzler To-Fu Fury, and co-op adventure Tales From Deep Space. And hopefully we'll find out what Kim Swift and Clint Hocking are up to over there, soon.