Loop is a minimal puzzle game for Android, of which there are many.

Using easy, tap-based controls, you rotate simple shape fragments like curved or straight lines, weaving them together into intricate patterns.

This isn’t your typical tile slider or even logic game, though.

What’s cool about Loop is you never quite know what shape you’re supposed to be creating using the fragments on hand.

In the first few levels it’ll be obvious, but eventually you’ll find yourself tapping away at odd half-shapes and disconnected lines until you can see that pattern in your head.

Then you just have to figure out how to lace it together.

Each level’s pattern comes out beautiful, looking like everything from Celtic knots to a circuit board to strange, alien glyphs.

Admittedly, it might get boring quickly for those who always need rigid, defined goals in games.

At points it's easy to keep shifting shapes around trying to figure out what the level wants you to create.

For those who can enjoy a more meditative experience, though, check out Loop for free on Android.