Kurechii's Tiny Guardians will be out on iOS tonight, so hurrahs and cheers are in order.

Perhaps it's the game's cutesy artwork or its guardian-based defense play that appeals to me. I'm not sure. But it certainly has something about it.

As we've said before, Tiny Guardians has you escorting Lunalie as she travels across the dangerous world of Prism in search of her aunt, the Sorceress.

The only way Lunalie can protect herself is to use Ruemas cards. These summon heroes (12 in total) that work to defend her.

You choose which heroes she takes with her into each level. And each of them has unique abilities and weapons (swords, magic, bow and arrow) to consider.

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This is where you have to get tactical. You need to ensure that you have the most effective against the enemy types you'll encounter.

Each level has a Story and Challenge mode with three difficulties. Completing each of these gets you a star so if you want an extra challenge and a reward for it, it's there.

You should be able to purchase Tiny Guardians for £2.99 / $3.99 on the UK and US App Stores.