I wish I could tell you more about upcoming spy-themed puzzler Agent A than what the trailer shows. Alas, I cannot.

So you may as watch the trailer below as everything I know about it comes from there.
As you'll see, it'll have us moving through 3D environments arriving at various puzzle scenarios. It feels a little like The Room, if anything.

The first one shown sees us having to decode a five-digit number to enter a console of some kind. It looks like this is necessary as we don't have the right fingerprint for the scanner.

Solving this seems to open up a hidden passage in this stately home we're inside. Then the next puzzle involves lighting up a path across the grid of a chessboard.

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Outside of this is a narrative in which we play as a woman in disguise, obviously a spy, who is sent on a mission to presumably infiltrate buildings.

It seems there's no violence involved so this is purely an espionage game in which you hack your way through novel security systems.

It looks pretty good in the teaser so we're eager to find out more about it. There should hopefully be more info up on its website soon.

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