Gee up, Android players, you can now get your mitts on Pixelbite's sci-fi western tactical shooter Space Marshals. It's a bit of alright.

It follows specialist Burton as he hunts down fugitives across the universe's planets after a prison break. How he does this is up to you.

There's a number of different loadouts available that cater to different play styles.

You can charge in with a shotgun and body armour, or perhaps sit back and snipe them, or sneak in with a quiet foot and throwing axes.

There's more than that, too, so it's up to you to experiment. You'll find, disguises, flashbangs, silencers, grenades, energy weapons, and so on.

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You can expect to find more than just fugitives on your interplanetary travels too - bugs, big ones, are a big part of Chapter 2.

Space Marshals is available for £3.99 / $4.99 on Google Play right now. And that single price gets you all three episodes (at the moment only two have been released). So have at it.

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