Long live the dungeon-crawler. It's impossible to measure exactly how many collective hours we twenty-and-thirty-somethings threw into sliding through identical-looking corridors that blinked back at us on the primitive computer screens of the '80s.

Have you been craving that retro action? The loot-collecting? The monster-bashing? Turning yourself around and around as you get lost in veins of corridors?

Dungeon Hero RPG may be what you need. It's far from perfect, but there's a definite nostalgic satisfaction to sliding along stone walls and bashing giant rats.

Just crawl

The story in Dungeon Hero RPG is easy enough to follow along with. There's a dungeon, and it needs exploring. You choose a class to play as (you can unlock more with the game's hard currency, gems), and you can purchase a pet to help you fight (ditto). From there, it's you versus the caverns.

You can arm yourself with weapons dropped by enemies, though some handy demon-slaying equipment can be found in chests, too.

Magic spells offer healing, and can come in useful against intangible enemies like ghosts. You're awarded gems for completing dungeons, which goes back into buying new classes, new pets, and new, bigger dungeons.

Try and control yourself

The action in Dungeon Hero RPG is a bit grey and monotonous, though maybe that can be expected from a dungeon-crawler.

The character and monster designs aren't particularly compelling, and it'd be easy to get lost if not for the game's competent map.

But Dungeon Hero RPG's biggest issue its controls. You progress step-by-step, which recalls the classics. It makes for slow going, but it's manageable.

The real problem is that the virtual buttons used for moving are located at the side of the screen, which is also the area you tap to swing your weapons.

In other words, it's extremely common to get yourself turned around while you're in the middle of a fight - and if you're not facing your enemy, your blows won't land.

Dungeon Hero RPG's control problems can be surmounted with practise, leaving behind an average but enjoyable dungeon-crawling experience. It's worth your while if you've been wanting to spend time around some creatures that like to hang out in dank corners.