Tap 'n' Slash is a dungeon crawler all about speed and heavy metal.

This isn't about being methodical as you traipse through a dungeon dripping with danger. There's no time for that.

You're a talented warrior with a light foot, moving swiftly into the monsters at speed, caring not for whether you die or not.

Although, that said, you really don't want to die if possible. You will, of course, as trying to tap and slash in time with the game proves difficult.

You've got to manage everything at once: movement, attacks, collecting loot, and upgrading your warrior. If you don't, you'll perish.

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With an energetic soundtrack, satisfying sword swipes, and hundreds of demons to kill, it's like playing the front cover of a metal album.

You'll be able to download Tap 'n' Slash for free on the UK and US App Stores at midnight.