Breath of Light is a decidedly sedate puzzler. It's all ethereal and dreamy, a laid back pokey prodder with a swooshy soundtrack and an art style that's equal parts pastels and shiny pretty lights.

And it's nice. It's engaging. There's a lovely bubble of pleasantness that swells up in your brain while you solve its rock-shifting puzzles.

But there's a lack of challenge here that's going to put a lot of people off. And if you're not down with the admittedly gorgeous art-style, you're probably not going to find much else to keep you entertained.

Shallow breathing

The game is all about redirecting a stream of energy to make flowers bloom. To do this you move around rocks, which deflect the beam in different directions.

To begin with it's pretty sedate. You move a rock here, you move a rock there, some daisies get all prettified and you move on to the next challenge.

Things change up a little as you play. There are rocks you can't move, rocks you can only twist, and circular rocks that send the stream of light swirling around themselves.

But things are never particularly challenging. It's sort of nice to poke things around the screen and watch the world burst into life, but after a while all the splendour starts to lose a little bit of its sheen.

Last breath

If you're looking for a smooth, engaging puzzler that's not going to tax your brain too much, then there's a lot in Breath of Light to enjoy. It's by no means a heavy game, and the shimmery style will brighten up a gloomy day.

Breath of Light is very, very good at what it does. But what it does isn't going to be for everyone. If it sounds like your cup of tea then it's definitely worth checking out, but if it doesn't then you're best steering clear.