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I almost forgot to tell you about the second-place winner at our Big Indie Pitch event in San Francisco earlier this month. And that would be a mistake, because it's a feisty little game, deserving of your attention.

Squares is a rapid-fire reaction-test puzzle game coming to Vita this summer.

Each screen has a bunch of boxes on a blank background. And their colour and symbols dictate what you need to do. You've got to tap blue ones, double tap dark blue ones, slide ones with arrows, and not tap red ones.

There are even squares that have you tickling the Vita's back panel. Bonus points for being the only game since Tearaway to actually use that thing.


It's all about quickly assessing what you need to do (a red timer bar sweeps across the top of the screen as you play), and then executing it - like a minimalist Wario Ware. Only with tapping on squares rather than picking noses.

That's one way that it differs from its iOS predecessor Squares Trials. It also has a nifty level builder where you can make your own stages and share them with others.

Between its sharp presentation and simple but brutal difficulty curve, this game had every judge at the Big Indie Pitch hooked.

It might not be as sophisticated as Metrico or electric as Lumines, but it's still one for Vita puzzle fans to watch out for. Expect it in June.