Jutiful has just released its exciting new title: REBUS, a humorous logic puzzle game that’s bound to bring a smile to your face.

In REBUS, you’re presented with a logical conundrum, ranging from an image to a selection of words, and its up to you to figure out what the solution is.

For example, you may be presented with the image of a ‘T’ made up of droplets of water and the correct answer is ‘train’, a mixture of ‘T’ and ‘rain’.

It’s simple, it’s clever, it’s unpredictable, and there are over 100 of these types of imaginative levels to work your way through, and 23 tricky achievements to unlock in the process.

Even those not into puzzle games will find the vibrant visual design and easily navigable interface almost impossible to resist.

Though it’s easy enough to see where REBUS differs from the range of mobile puzzle apps, I. Khalus, Developer at Jutiful put it best.

I.K. said: “It’s a perfect cocktail of associations, logic, and design that you can’t help but fall in love with right away.

“It’s really addictive and one level is never enough. I think that’s mostly because it includes unique ingredients that cannot be found in other brain teasers.”

The development process for REBUS is almost as interesting as the concept for the game itself, with the developers I.K. and O. Berezovsky finding inspiration in the most unique places.

O.B. said: “During development we found ideas for levels in dreams, in simple things, in words, everywhere.

“We barely stopped because we were really enjoying the process and had to drink lots of coffee and energy drinks to revive.”

Jutiful is a proud set of exhausted developers who truly believe that they’ve created something entirely new with REBUS and they can’t wait to share it with you.

I.K. said: “We are proud of how original and unique REBUS is and feel like we created a whole new approach to these types of puzzles.

O.B. added: “It has no analogues on the market and the level of positive feedback from testers is really high - they found it really addictive!”

The hard work doesn’t stop there, though, as Jutiful is already planning a future for REBUS. That means more content, more surprises, and more fun is headed your way.

O.B. said: “We are going to regularly update REBUS with new levels, because we feel there is so much we’re yet to take inspiration from.

I.K. finished: “That includes you, the players. We’re planning on incorporating your feedback and ideas into future levels.”

REBUS - Absurd Logic Game is available today from the App Store [download] and Google Play [download].