In KromacelliK's strange world you play a microbial tug boat of sorts, ferrying around larger, inert organisms and avoiding harmful ones.

By tapping on the inert organisms you can wield them like weapons, pinging them into those aforementioned nuisances.

It's an intriguing looking game. You wouldn't think that a retro 8-bit style would marry well with the organic gloopiness of the subject matter, but it somehow does.

What doesn't work quite so well is the game's awkward control system, with a drag-to-move system that never feels quite precise or consistent enough for the increasingly delicate manoeuvres you need to make. That attack move is a counter-intuitive pain to pull off too.

KromacelliK is conceptually and visually appealing, then, but its own awkwardness means that it's unlikely to go viral.

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