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Santa Ragione has brought its wire-frame first-person auto-running platformer FOTONICA to Android today.

It plays just like the PC version except with added touchscreen controls, of course.

That means you'll be tapping to jump over large chasms at speeds reaching over 140mph to an electronic soundtrack. So, yeah, bring your best reaction times along to this one.

There are level-based challenges through abstract worlds as well as endless modes to tackle. You can also play multiplayer on a single screen, if you have someone close by.

We gave the iOS version of FOTONICA a Silver Award. Our reviewer said that it's "[f]requently savage, but ceaselessly beautiful," adding that "only a nutter would ignore 'Canabalt meets Rez'."

You can purchase it at the discounted price of 99p / 99c on Google Play. It'll go up to its full price of £2.29 / $2.99 after the launch period.

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