If you're an American 3DS owner who is a fan of mecha then you'll want to know that Iron Combat: War in the Air will be available on March 19th. There's no word of a European version yet.

It's the next game from Teyon, and it takes place in a future that sees people (anime girls, mostly) turned into living weapons.

They've been turned into assault mecha that can fly around in the air and turn into fighter jets at a moment's notice.

The reason for this transformation is due to the belief that these living weapons are the only way to stop an evil corporation that's hell-bent on enslaving humanity.

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You'll be up against other aircraft, massive ships, defense arrays, missile units, orbital bases, and more. With each victory, you earn credits to spend on upgrades and new weapons.

Iron Combat has a mission-based Campaign mode and also supplies you a Free Play mode to clear levels without being tied to the narrative.

Find out more about the game on its website.