Constantin Graf tells us that his puzzle-RPG SwapQuest will be out for iOS on March 19th.

So yes, finally, you'll be able to run away from the evil Horde across the kingdom of Aventana. Sounds like a pleasant holiday, no?

As we wrote in our preview, SwapQuest has you matching terrain tiles to create a path for either Princess Wilma or Prince Wilbert to walk.

It's not really enough to create a path for them to escape the dark could of evilness chasing them, though.

You also want to put some chests in front of them to collect gems. And the odd monster doesn't hurt as defeating them gets the royals to level up, becoming stronger and learning new abilities.

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The end goal of the game is to find a legendary sword and restore the shards of a magical crystal that will dispel the Horde.

SwapQuest will cost you £2.29 / $2.99 if you plan on picking it up when it arrives on the App Store next week. Check out its website for more deets.

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