Cartoons and shooting aliens. That's what you get from Glorkian Warrior on iOS, and now, you can get it on Android too.

Glorkian Warrior is a mash-up of Saturday morning cartoons with a Galaga-type shooter. It's all shooting and silliness.

You have to move Glork left and right, blasting tennis balls and lasers at the rows of aliens that descend upon him. You also need to hop over the pesky fire-breathing mites on the ground as well, so keep an eye out.

You're given challenges to beat by a pair of rather mean twin sisters. There are lots of power-ups to collect, including the legendary Flarf Gun. And it's all illustrated in candy pinks and deep purples.

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Our reviewer described Glorkian Warrior as a "simple shooter with a big heart," adding that it "might not be the most impressive game out there, but it's well worth a look."

You can purchase Glorkian Warrior on Google Play for £1.88 / $2.99.

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